hide kasuga 1896

hide k 1896


We are operating material brands in Paris and Tokyo.
We create expressive styles to maximize the characteristics and attractiveness of the materials and are
developing the brands in such fields as artworks, products, interiors, and spaces.


We research and develop “materials with sensibility” - a blend of technology and sensitivity that we offer to
various industries - in our NiKKi Fron Park, a white atelier nestled in beautiful natural surroundings. The atelier
was produced by Hideyuki Kasuga, the fourth - generation descendant of the founder of NiKKi Fron, which has a
long history of developing and manufacturing materials since its establishment in 1896.
We also provide consulting on material development.

  • the NiKKi Fron park
  • the NiKKi Fron park
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  • T1896


We produce branding and provide brand consultation using our unique expertise and
networks gained through the development and operation of our own brands.

    After determining the assets possessed by the client, we assemble a team of professionals to maximize the brand value, and undertake the branding beginning with strategy planning.
    ・Brand strategy planning ・Action planning ・Team building
  • - DESIGN -
    We create the brand design to visualize the value of the brand. We offer total design services that include products, services, spaces and communication tools.
    ・Product design ・Interior design ・VI, Web, Graphic design
    We utilize domestic and overseas networks to develop new distribution channels, and conduct PR and promotional activities. We also offer consulting for training of marketing personnel.
    ・Support for developing new distribution channels ・Public relations ・Marketing personnel training