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  • 春日 秀之

Based in Tokyo, Nagano, and Paris, Hideyuki Kasuga is a material creator who creates new values.
After completing his graduate studies at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he was assigned to material development at the Paris Research Institute, a composite materials manufacturer.
Thereafter he assumed the position of president at his familyʼs business, NiKKi Fron, which was founded in 1896.
Established BLANC BIJOU, an everlasting white material brand, in Paris in 2009.
In 2012, he founded the hide kasuga 1896 Material Creation Office.
We established hk1896 LINKS Co., Ltd. in 2017 as a trading company to focus on brand materials.
Launched his own brands of BLANC BIJOU and hide k 1896.
In addition, we provide consulting to Europe's long-established fashion houses and Japanese material manufacturers.

  • Name
  • Title
    President, hide kasuga 1896 Co., Ltd.
    President, hk1896 LINKS Co., Ltd.
    President, French corporation BLANC BIJOU
    President, BLANC BIJOU Co., Ltd.
    Chairman, NiKKi Fron Trading Co., Ltd.
    Sales Advisor, DAIKIN INDUSTRIES, LTD. Chemicals Div.
  • Profile
    1973Born in Nagano City
    1999Completed graduate program of Tokyo Institute of Technology (Master of Engineering)
    1999Joined a leading composite materials manufacturer
    2000At Paris Research Institute (till September 2004)
    2006Joined NiKKi Fron, Co., Ltd. (former Nihon Kizai Co., Ltd.)
    Manager, Director’s office
    2009President, NiKKi Fron, Co., Ltd.
    2009Entered doctorate program at Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Science and Technology, Shinshu University
    2009Founded French corporation BLANC BIJOU Assumed post of president
    2011Established BLANC BIJOU Co., Ltd. Assumed post of president
    2012Founded hide kasuga 1896 Co., Ltd. Assumed post of president
    2012Resigned as president, NiKKi Fron, Co., Ltd.
    2017Founded hk1896 LINKS Co., Ltd. Assumed post of president
  • Fields of
    Technical management, polymer chemistry, environmental chemistry, composite materials(CFRP)
  • Official
    Member, International Economic Affairs Committee, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Member, SME International Development Promotion Committee
    Chairman, Industrial Subcommittee Subsection, Chiyoda Branch, Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Member, Japan French Economic Exchange Committee, Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Vice Chairman, Nagano Industrial Club sponsored by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun


In the 70 years since the end of the war, Japan has achieved dramatic economic growth thanks to the great efforts of our forefathers. Manufacturing was once our nation’s key industry and took the world by storm, but nowadays this sector is facing a big turning point.

Japan’s mission to continue as a manufacturing power for future generations is to provide high added value to “Made in Japan” products.

The field of finished products, where Japan had been leading the world, has become more limited, such as in medical care, robotics, fuel cells, etc. However, the materials industry that had been supporting Japan’s manufacturing sector from the beginning is again drawing worldwide attention these days. Japanese materials have received high praise by improving the brand value of final products from industrial to consumer fields.

I grew up in Nagano City (which in olden days had been under the jurisdiction of Zenkoji temple) in Nagano prefecture, as the fourth generation descendant of the NiKKi Fron Group. The NiKKi Fron Group, was originally founded by my family in 1896 as Kasuga Shoten, a hemp wholesaler, and has changed its material-based business over the years. I have also been engaged in research on materials mainly in Japan and France as an engineer for many years.

With this background, I regarded the industrial materials handled by NiKKi Fron for many years as valuable resources, and in Tokyo in 2012 I founded hide kasuga 1896, a material creation company, to create high value-added materials with sensibility and with a modern perspective from Japan.

From Paris, we launched an ever-lasting white material brand to the world called BLANC BIJOU as our flagship brand. This was created by looking at the materials of our NiKKi Fron family business from a different perspective.

After that, I participated in various global projects as a producer, and gained experience in the branding of materials while actually trying to draw out and express the potential attractiveness of the materials.

In 2013 in Japan, the world’s largest carbon-producing country, we announced hide k 1896, the world’s first carbon brand. We focused on carbon fiber, which I had been researching for about 20 years since I moved to France.

We centered on two material brands, white and black, and proposed applications in various fields by pursuing the possibilities of the materials by creating expressions for all lifestyles.

We are currently collaborating with global manufacturing brands such as Lexus and Leica. Through these projects, we continue to proactively engage in activities to realize the value of material brands, highlight and deliver the attractiveness of Japanese materials to the world, and create new markets.

We are sincerely grateful for everyone’s support, and we will continue to strive to expand our emotionally engaging creative vision of next-generation manufacturing to as many people as we can. We appreciate and look forward to your continued support.

Hideyuki Kasuga
Founder and President
hide kasuga 1896 Co., Ltd.